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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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court, "you cannot be fair." this is the person who is going to judge your case and your client's case. you then write a motion that explains why you think this judge cannot be fair. if you do not think that is a tough decision -- it is a tough decision on a lot of bases. your client's affidavits have to be filed. you should never file something like that. it is a very serious document. all documents may be serious, but there's nothing as or more serious than saying to a judge, "you cannot beat their peak at one of the things we are suggesting, for example, and historically, who do you think rules on that? the judge who you are saying cannot be fair. [laughter] ok, this is common sense. something sometimes is lost in the law, as dickens pointed out many years ago. but we are suggesting that somebody other than that judge,
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another judge, look at that and determine whether it is facially sufficient. because that is the standard. we are looking at issues like in florida. you get -- get $500 to a judge, that is okay, but if you give more than that, that judge cannot hear your case. if you are, let's say, the campaign manager for a judge -- because we have elections -- if anybody's interested -- let me just finish that. if you are a campaign manager, he cannot appear before that judge. the aba spent two years on a report called justice in jeopardy, which is online, and it talks about how judges are elected in every single state. one of the document you might be interested in because i understand you have had vigorous talks about this recently is immigration. the aba just issued several months ago the most comprehensive immigration reform report in the last two decades. it contains 10,000 pro bono
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lawyer hours of some of the best law firms in america. part of the frustration that exists regarding immigration -- and i was just at a white house meeting monday and tuesday of this week on this issue -- it relates to the anchor -- the anger people have saying that is broken and we cannot fix it and there's nothing we can do. that is wrong. we have an ability to fix the problem. we should fix the problem. the aba rendered a report that it will continue to act as a resource in fixing the problem. these are things they have online if you are interested. suddenly, you could visit our website feared by the way, if we do not get to your question, i will see you out back. happy to talk to you about anything you want to talk about.
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>> we should all remember that most of us are at least descendants of immigrants. one thing about justice in a different sense -- i have a question here that says that some constitutions -- and they mention the cuban one -- include health and literacy as basic rights. should we think of those as basic rights? you will certainly realize that at least as to help, that is one of the key problems going on in the present debt ceiling controversy in washington. >> my favorite book just recently, and i tell you it is $9.95 on amazon, is president kennedy's book called "nation of
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immigrants." it was written in the early 1960's. it will take you a couple of hours to read it again. it is a fabulous book and makes you realize that nothing has changed in the last 50 years. he talks about why we are a nation of immigrants and why that has been the strength of america. so, yes, we are all a nation of immigrants. we should remember that in these debates. but florida has an interesting process, something the all states should adopt, but every 20 years, a group of 30 citizens are awarded by the governor, the speaker of the house, the senate, supreme court, to rewrite florida's constitution, every line of it. it does not go to the legislature. all those pesky lobbyists out there do not get a chance to lobby one way or the other. goes right to the citizens of the state. took us two years to do that.
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we look at these issues. in florida's constitution, a quality education is now in the florida constitution. i do believe that in america, particularly, everyone is entitled to a quality education. and most certainly in this country, people should not go to bed hungry. that is just unacceptable. the way that the misery index in this country is one that is way out of the line because of the recent economic situation. i do not think that we as a country even understand how the unemployment has affected so many families, and we have a whole new strata called the new league for, people who were driving forces yesterday and in bread lines today -- who were driving portias -- driving
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porsches yesterday and in redlines today. we need to make sure americans had the opportunity to have reasonable health care. not excessive. the fact is we've got to make sure that what happened in past -- and we know that. a lot of costs have spiraled out of control. we have to have a baseline. this country has promised that in a sense of being a land of opportunity for all its people. the resources that we have in this country are such that we have to make sure that the least among us are protected. so i hope that one day we will see that happen. >> thank you very much. our thanks to steven zack,
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president of the american bar association. we also thank our audience is here and on radio television and the internet. tonight's program has been part of the commonwealth club's u.s. constitution in the 21st century series, underwritten by the charles guess he family, and we thank them, and we thank you. [applause]
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>> good morning. quick adjustment here. thank you all for coming this beautiful morning in san francisco. we are honored to have mayor ed lee with us today. senator yi and supervisor cohen is on the way and a special guest marisa churchill from the top chef from the food network. i have been with the company for over 35 years and you can probably tell by my hair color. i have seen lots of changes off that time period. lots of innovative things. this is one of the most exciting that we've been involved with as a company. we are aligning our initiative -- is that better? i have been with the company over 35 years and i had the privilege of witnessing many
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initiatives. as the needs of our customers and patients have changes over time. one of the newest initiatives is the food oasis. it is an expanded offering of fresh and healthy foods in communities that are convenient. we are not always the only offering but here near public transportation in the neighborhood a lot of folks who are home bound don't have access and we are trying to change the offerings that we offer so people can come in and get fresh fruits and vegetables. one
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we would go and clean up in the community,. love is to the upload them. we have given lots of time and money. -- we are very committed to the program. everyone is aware, the citizens are basing a lot of chronic diseases, specifically i.t., a childhood obesity, high blood pressure. we have been trying to figure out ways along with our prescription business, what we
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sell to help people leave a healthy lifestyle. this is our first one in northern california. a lot of places are underserved. hopefully this will serve the community well and give the folks in the area the ability to buy healthy foods. with that, i will turn it over to the mayor. >> thank you very much. i'm here because i support a lot of the things, especially in the supervisor's district. we're interested in being healthy.
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we approach it in a different way. i approach it by trying to eat healthy foods. you can ask him what he is running for. anyway, the management, i would like to thank you for creating the very first oasis right here because it is important. bayview for many years has been very hard to get choices. the choice of good and fresh foods in your community. so, this surprised me. so the people associate with walgreen's said that we will open up the very first and increase in expand our operation in the city.
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food choices and healthy choices are needed. we need this year and we need it back over the city. we have already 16 stores and our city is employing some 1500 people. having seen them in partnership, as they said that there have been the cleanest stores and very respectful of every neighborhood in the city. we have great corporate partners and it did not surprise me that they would also say that we can expand our choices. i've never seen walgreen's that has never been known as a drug store. they have been known as the neighborhood store.
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we have good neighborhood partners. in addition, offering foods, whether it is healthy sandwiches or fresh produce and at a location already established. it will make that to be very important. i am here to support that. i am here to celebrate that. i am here to suggest that every store can do the same thing. it is not as about this announcements, also about helping us take two strokes back so it does not cost the patrons any more money and we have a safe place to take them. there also contributing to getting rid of graffiti. and they employ people. when you open up an oasis store, this is not just added produce, someone will have to handle that. they include another five or 10
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employees. that is a great way to employ more people. with all of those good things, i would like to welcome the supervisor. she has taught me for six months about the need to have healthy choices in the menu. she has the heart to really express our support because you cannot really do anything. you cannot appreciate anything without your help. my wife tells me every day that i had better eat healthier. she cares about our community here. i joined her in this open and she is one of the healthiest people on the board of supervisors. she knows how it is helpful to
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everyone in this city. he is keeping the other side with a safe community. she is working really hard. all of the other members. i want to say i am here. we're working really closely. he is expanding that choice. that is the perfect situation. we understand that they are donating to the bayview foundation. that is an and their indication of how this is not just another store.
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muhammed and i were here when the store opened. we were here helping to make a landscaping was done well and keeping this area from being here as well. this is a great time to celebrate. congratulations to you and your wonderful management for not only having a great handle but a store that does everything so well. >> i would like to introduce the senator. they have been 8 walgreen supporter for some time. i really appreciate that. >> let me knowledge why my good friend is great. he knows everyone here and he
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says everything that we all want to say. on and no personal thing, one of the things that has been believed is that all of us need to understand that we have to be a lot more healthy. the statistics are just daunting for all of us not only here in california but throughout the world. our lifestyle has to change, our eating habits have to change. we will look at how much we will spend to do with the negative effect of an unhealthy lifestyle. whether or not this is about how you deal with your sedentary lifestyle or the food that you eat or whenever you consume. you have to understand that you have to have a lot more healthy choices. what walgreen has done and i am absolutely amazed about what is
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going on in walgreen's. they are really turning this store and these stores into an oasis of healthy lifestyles. you have individuals who can get all kinds of different products. and you cannot have any corporate entity in america for anything better than that. this is a one stop shop for all of your needs and more importantly, those needs that you want to take care of. there will be healthy answers for you. as i look at this, i hope that walgreen's will set the standard that any store in a community should have with they have. any store that will be in our community, they will have to demand that.
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you have to not only be a partner. i want to congratulate walgreen's for all of their work. if you do not own stocks in walgreen's, you should own stock in walgreen's. i will tell you that they will make a bundle of dollars. at the end of the day, that is because they care about our community. more people will come and buy their stuff. it is because of that economy of scale that they will make a lot of money. i hope that you'll join me in doing whatever you can.
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on behalf of the california state senate, we really want you to take this example and spread it not in just some neighborhoods but all neighborhoods in the state of california. >> now i would like to introduce the supervisor for this area. >> good morning, everyone. i am actually battling a cold.
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that is why my heart is filled with so much joy because as we continue to grow and transition, you will see more vibrant opportunity's not just here in walgreen's but allover the corridor. we need partners that will be coming down on third street and supporting many of the nonprofits that are supporting our community members. we would like to support them for being an anchor tenant when other companies would not. thank you. i also want to congratulate my good friends over at hunters point. i am very proud of you. thank you for your hard work and your leadership. i love you.
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thank you so much. >> now, we would like to present the hunters point family. that is $59. >> i would like to thank everyone for it knowledge in the hard work. everyone in the hunters point family. this is healthy food and hunters point. these were some of our young people who have been working every day. people have been working here -- we would like to thank the supervisors at the garden for the last about six or seven
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years. almost every young person has lived in this. probably about four to 500 young people. >> i would be remiss if i did
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not recognize the hard work and dedication of all of the walgreen folks that have been here. thank you for your hard work and dedication in addition to the people from the corporate office. i am sure that would be a successful venture. thank you.
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